Welcome to The New Few Made: Behind Our Updated Look

Welcome to The New Few Made: Behind Our Updated  Look

After months of hard work and creativity-fueled late nights, we’re so excited to reveal our new website and share the all-new Few Made with you! As a small family-owned business, we’ve loved creating an intimate, accessible, and relational dynamic with our community, and we thought it was finally time to rebuild our Few Made online space to better reflect the inspiring women that keep us going.

For as long as Few Made has been in business, we’ve been able to connect with the female collective of our dreams. And it’s these women in our community who energize our designs, motivating us to continuously push past our creative limits.

Old Version of Few Made JewelryNew Few Made Jewelry

Our goal was to build a refreshed space where our community of Few Made Women could effortlessly encounter the true soul of our brand through a screen…

...one that’s made especially for *you*.

Few Made Logo


Admittedly, one of our favorite details of the new website is our new Few Made logo!

While dreaming of what we might want it to look like, we felt drawn to a bold, confident, and distinct aesthetic. Something tailor-made, just like our jewelry, and that isn’t afraid to show a little personality. So we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

We love that this new logo feels like the perfect grown-up version of what our Few Made Collective is used to seeing! And similar to the women in our community who energize our designs, we wanted our new look to be fashion-forward, playful, and effortlessly stylish.

Another favorite feature of ours is the Few Made monogram. Click here to discover its beautiful details and what makes it so distinct.



Our elevated and modernized online space serves as an indulgent space for the social and spontaneous, the memory-keepers, the treasure-seekers, the best friends, the gracious hostesses, and beyond.


We absolutely LOVE how it turned out and would love to hear what you think, too! 


Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Few Made’s journey so far and also to those who had a helping hand in our new reveal. We can’t thank you enough!


Shop our website and explore our Instagram to see our updated look in action!

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