What Jewelry to Wear Based on Your Next Destination

There's an undeniable thrill that comes with prepping for your next adventure. From curating the perfect travel wardrobe to treating yourself to a fresh manicure, it’s as if you’re given permission to go all out… even if it is just for a weekend getaway.

As we’re sure you already know, travel prep can get expensive fast. So, why not save your money on extravagant outfits that (let’s be honest) you’ll probably only wear once and instead elevate your staple wardrobe with distinctive jewelry that caters to your destination? 

You can find pieces that will not only add charm to your outfits but also become precious reminders of the incredible experiences you've made along the way.

Editor’s Picks

The best pieces from each of our collections
based on your travel itinerary

Our collections inspired by wayfarer-favorite destinations are practically designed to be worn while riding a Vespa through the Amalfi Coast, when seated at a café along Boulevard Saint Germain, or even while trekking through lush rainforest trails. 

With pieces that evoke the ambiance, beauty, and cultures of the places which inspired their designs, Few Made has your wearable travel memoirs covered better than any souvenir, postcard, or passport stamp ever could. 

Don these globetrotter-approved pieces and immediately feel transported to your favorite stops. It’s time to stand out in style and dress for the memories ahead. 

When in Europe: Featuring the European Collection

Nothing captures the historical splendor of an escape across the pond quite like the romantic pieces from our European collection. Think classic freshwater pearls, antique golds and silvers, delicate drop stones, and baroque pendants to capture the historical architecture, vibrant streets, and old-world charm of Europe’s most nostalgic destinations of yesteryear.

When in Rome: Shop the Candy Necklace. Because red screams romance.

When in Saint Tropez: Shop the Tourmaline Parade Necklace and color the streets. 

When on the Amalfi Coast: Shop any of the Mediterranean Blues. You literally can’t go wrong. 

On the Coast: Featuring the Coastal Collection

Ahh, the siren’s call of sea glass pendants, ocean-blue gems, and shoreline-inspired stones that make up our Coastal Collection. Seafarers, beachophiles, and coastal explorers rejoice in taking a piece of their paradise wherever they go and this collection is bringing all the under-the-sea vibes.

When in the Keys: Shop the Sea is Calling Necklace and look like a local. 

When in Emerald Isle: Shop The Salt Life Moonstone Necklace—we promise it'll pair perfectly with the moonlit waves.

When anywhere along the PCH: Shop the Dive In Bracelet because these views will make you wish you could dive right in. 

In the Jungle: Featuring the Costa Rica Collab and Coastal Collection

You won’t find more natural wonders than on a trek through the rainforest. That’s why our Costa Rica collab featuring the Coastal Collection embodies the same vibrance, biodiversity, and natural elegance of a rainforest. These pieces feature flora-inspired designs, rough stones, and neutral metals to capture the rawness, untouched wilderness, and natural variations of uncharted forests.

When in Costa Rica: Shop the Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings. An understated, jungle-esque texture that can be worn with any outfit… or bikini.

When in Hawaii: Shop The Kadie Pearl Necklace. Dress your neck with the glistening gems of the sea.

When in the Brazilian rainforest: Shop the Stand Firm Necklace. A timeless statement piece that can withstand the humidity. 

In the Mountains: Featuring Western-Style Pieces

Adventure awaits in the mountains and these turquoise-adorned, rustic metal, dessert-inspired pieces are ready for the journey. On your next sojourn through the mountains, let the turquoise stones and natural materials bring out your inner wanderer and guide your path to new frontiers with their Americana styling and vibrant energy.

When in Yellowstone: Shop the Silver Peak Necklace or the Riviera Maya Turquoise Bracelet and channel your inner Beth Dutton. 

When in Aspen: Shop the Natural Gobi Turquoise Triangle Ring because the Western girl isn't afraid to go big and go bold.

When in the Swiss Alps: Shop the Turquoise Crystal Link Bracelet and feel elevated on every level.


Inspired by Your Itinerary

Whether you choose to wear a vibrant beaded necklace on the coast of Hawaii or a delicate gold-link bracelet while sightseeing in Yellowstone National Park, these accessories will become more than mere adornments—they’ll be cherished reminders of the unforgettable moments and experiences you had while traveling. 

Now, we hope you see how wearing intentional pieces creates a lasting connection to the extraordinary moments and breathtaking landscapes you experience. 


& safe travels ahead! 

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