The Golden Rules of Gold Jewelry: 4 Ways To Wear It

Sure, silver and pewter have had their moments in the sun, but no metal shines in the light quite like gold. Adding instant polish to outfits everywhere, gold summons the Midas touch of understated luxury, quiet extravagance, and old money style. 

From the gold rush to the Gilded Age to the Golden Age of Hollywood, gold is universally understood as the metal of good fortune, made to elevate your jewelry wardrobe with its classic and elegant touch. 

So, consider this our version of the golden rules of gold—how to wear it, pair it, and embrace it through each and every season of style. 

Golden Rule #1: Stock up on Staples

Shopping for high-quality, classic gold pieces is essential when building your jewelry collection. Think of these pieces as the foundational elements of your style. You can effortlessly add them to your everyday looks (which will scream polished and put-together).

The Gold Staples—elegant gold hoops, classic gold chain necklaces, and thin gold cuff bracelets.

You’ll reach for them so often, you won’t even have to think twice about it. 


Golden Rule #2: Wear It Day and Night

Gold deserves the gold medal for sticking the day-to-night landing. Imagine the same gold hoops paired with a white blouse and blue jeans during the day and then effortlessly complementing a glamorous black dress at night. Don’t you see? It just works.

No doubt about it, gold shines in the sun and dazzles in the dark. Save yourself from an all-out wardrobe change and wear the same 24kt for the full 24-hour day. 



Pro-tip for mastering the day-to-night transition? Stick to simple, toned-down pieces so your jewelry doesn’t overpower your daytime look yet still complements collectively with your nighttime attire. 

Golden Rule #3: Add Some Layers

Black is to your wardrobe as gold is to your jewelry collection—they both go with everything. Think of gold jewelry as your golden ticket to the wonderful world of layering, stacking, and metal mixing. 

This gilded metal pairs perfectly with most gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and colors but also anchors your look with a base metal, giving you permission to play with your layers. 

Oh, and get ready to gasp—you don’t need to shy away from mixing gold with silver or other metals either! 

Believe it or not, mixing in colors and gemstones can add a personalized or sentimental touch to your look. 

Our only rule? We recommend treating one metal as the base layer for all your accessories—earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Then, add in another metal and keep it at 1-2 pieces for a look that shouts intentionality. 

Now when it comes to stacking bracelets, the gloves come off. 

Mix different textures, widths, chains, and colors to get the full effect. We suggest mixing gold chain bracelets and gold cuffs with other simple pieces in your jewelry wardrobe to get that trendy “summer stack” everyone is after. “Oh, these? Why thank you. I just threw them together.” ;) 


Golden Rule #4: Make a Statement

It’s no surprise that gold can go bold. Chunkier chain necklaces, doorknocker earrings, or thick-linked bracelets can add a wow factor to any outfit without being too “loud” or distracting.

Word to the wise—gold is a heavier metal than most. Stick to one statement piece for maximum impact without the maximum weigh-down (if you catch our drift). No one wants a sore neck from carrying around a heavy stack all day.

We suggest a piece like the On Your Way Necklace paired with a silky button-down for a showstopper look.


There you have it—the four (“golden”) rules of going for the gold. 

Once you have your gold capsule collection, don’t forget to stock up on some trendier pieces! Have fun adding layers and variety to your look. This is your chance to embrace your distinct style. 


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