It's a family affair.

Few Made exists for the worldly woman.

The one who knows exactly what she wants not only out of her accessories but her life. The woman who wants to be adorned by wearable keepsakes, woven with intention and story.

where an adventurous spirit, air of possibility, and sense of freedom, fills the depths of your soul.

Unexpectedly, this South Pacific island would become the birthplace of a family-owned jewelry brand based in Richmond, VA.

Soon after, Few Made was born. Founder, Kena Treadway, decided to stop playing it safe and start searching for the hidden treasures along the journey. Few Made, meaning not many, is designed for the woman who is passionate about life and when adorned with our pieces, is reconnected to her own beauty, inside and out.

Learn more from our founder and how Few Made came to be here.

Few Made pieces are forever pieces.

As a small family-owned business, we love creating an intimate, accessible, and relational dynamic with our community. You’ll feel as if we’re your own personal jewelers and that you’re truly a part of the Few Made family.

The pride we take in design is showcased through pieces that are as distinct as its wearer.

Add some handcrafted love to your jewelry tray with carefully and ethically sourced materials that demonstrate our commitment to true craftsmanship.

Learn how to maintain and care for your Few Made pieces here.