Summer Trends for Your European Getaway

You might have noticed a new spring in our step around here lately. We’ve launched our new branded collection just in time for the long and luxurious days of summer, inspired by that coveted dream vacation every Few Made woman dreams of: the European Getaway.

Our European Getaway collection is inspired by the sun, sand, and whirlwind romance of a trip abroad, with an eye on specific trends forecasted—no pun intended—to make their way into the mainstream this summer.

European Getaway is a multi-faceted collection with five distinct styles, designed for every type of woman represented by the Few Made Collective. The collection includes some treasured trinkets you’ll come to love, and some fanciful new favorites that will quickly become staples. We took notice of the styles that appeared on the runways from Milan to New York and everywhere between.

Now, we’ve curated a style guide—just for you. 

Old World
For those born in the wrong century.

Inspired by the colorful, nostalgic tableau of the past that is Europe, this collection is right on trend for those looking to add a bit of ancient history to their distinctly 21st-century wardrobe. Feathers, sequins, metallics, and classic golds all made appearances on spring runways this year, bringing the traditionally autumnal styles back to life a season or two early. We’re all for it. Embrace your inner Joan of Arc and step boldly forward.

Consider: The Equinox Dangle Earrings. They’re cool and casual enough to elevate a simple sundress at a wine tasting, yet elegant enough to elevate a black-tie affair. All with a bit of 17th-century edge.

Moonstruck Minimalism
Consistent as the tides.

Sheer, gauzy knits. Lacy daring lingerie. Satin slip dresses. Blouses with tulle and ‘80s rosettes. It appears there will be a distinct return to classic and timeless simplicity this summer—ideal for the chic traveller wishing to navigate the streets of Paris without looking like a tourist. The effortlessly-put-together, minimalist “it girl" style is making a comeback bigtime. Pull out your old ballet flats, throw your hair in a braid, and order a pain du chocolat at your favorite boulangerie—the 

summer is just beginning.

Consider: The Snowmass Bracelet to add a bit of sparkle to your LBD while dining under the stars.

Italian Romance
Your secret passport to paradise.

A softer and simpler take on ‘90s grunge appeared on the runways this winter, inspiring us to reexamine some of our back-of-the-closet basics. If you’re spending the summer sojourning through Sicily or making memories in Milan, you’ll want the most laid back pieces in your luggage: your fave T-shirt, maxi skirts, silken sundresses, and a light, oversized denim jacket for chilly nights sipping limoncello on the patio.

Consider: A white cotton tee and a pair of distressed denim jeans can be extremely cool with the right accessories, like the colorful Candy Necklace.

Free Spirit
For the nomad who takes the long way round.

The eccentric mix-and-match styles this year are going to be highly appealing to the fashionista who never misses an opportunity to try something new. Heavily color-blocked patterns, asymmetrical hems, and truly out-of-the-box quirkiness are the name of the game this season. Throw your normative ideas about fashion out the window and prepare to be amazed. The European trendsetters won’t bat an eye at your whimsy, as the charmingly weird Berlin and Amsterdam street style indicates.

Consider: Wearing the Watching Over You Necklace… for distinction and assurance that freedom is only meant to feel good. 

Mediterranean Blues
Serene statement pieces to ward off the blues.

Blue, blue, and more blue—whether it’s Easter-egg pastel, dreamy indigo, or bold royal blue, we’re here for this summer’s emphasis on the most versatile color. Plus, we’ve got a whole style based around certain tones, from turquoise to aquamarine. Whether you like bright pops of blue or toned-down shades, you will surely find something to complement your basics while enjoying a beach read or taking a tipsy shopping trip through town.

Consider: The Heaven Sent necklace, worn with your favorite sundress. It’s a conversation starter and a half.

Few Made is as original as you.

Just as the name suggests, we only make a few of each piece, making them extra special adornments built to last as long as the memories you make wearing them. 

We take pride in offering unique, authentic pieces inspired by the originality of the Few Made Collective: a group of women as fashionable as they are fearless, soft as they are strong, and bold as they are brilliant.


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