A Few Made Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Is there anything more charming and classically romantic than jewelry? The 14th of February marks the official holiday of romance, but whether or not you’re taken, there are still plenty of things to love.

Valentine’s Day, a holiday associated with some of our favorite things: adoration towards our favorite people, celebration accompanied with fine wine, and of course—the sweet surprise of meaningful jewelry. 

Each season of life is marked by a distinct outpouring of a different type of love. Whether you’re pouring into your friends and family, your significant other, or yourself, this Valentine’s Day is the ideal opportunity to raise a toast to silver and gold.

We’ve narrowed down our picks to a select few to spark inspiration and delight the senses this Valentine’s Day. All of these remarkable, uniquely designed pieces are inspired by quiet glamor, timeless charm, and old films. 

Pour the pinot and fall in love with the Few Made

Finds To Forward To Your SO

If you’re shopping for your significant other, we’ve put together some swoon-worthy favorites that can help you find a piece to honor your love story.

  1. The As One Bracelet is subtly reminiscent of a wedding band, visually representative of the union of two. Remind her that you still “do!” 
  2. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than surprising her with the Diamond Slice 14 Kt Gold Necklace.
  3. Show off your love to the world with a little bit of glitter, a little bit of gold, and a whole lot of gorgeous: the Be Mine Heart Necklace makes your relationship status crystal clear.
Few Made As One Bracelet  Few Made Necklace  Few Made Be Mine Necklace

Gifts For The Galentines

Girls, girls, girls! Surprise your best friend, sister, mom, or any other woman in your life with a piece that so beautifully describes her individuality.

  1. For the modern city girl or your friend that’s just a total boss—the CEO Necklace adds an edgy, empowering touch to any business casual outfit. 
  2. Ready to book your next trip? Toss a Euro into the Trevi Fountain with your BFF while sporting the chunky Coin Bracelet. Inspired by heirloom designs and Italian vacations, this piece is versatile enough to wear on casual Friday or out for Saturday night drinks.
  3. The Heart of Love Necklace, finished with soft white enamel and adorned with a thick rolo chain, adds a funky, youthful addition to your favorite well-worn tee and comfy mom jeans.

Few Made CEO Necklace  Few Made Coin Bracelet  Few Made Heart of Love Necklace

Create Your Own Kind Of Love & Charm Yourself

A reason to treat yourself to something beautiful? Say less. These picks are for the independent woman looking for timeless staples—original, bold, and powerful. Similar to the journey she’s living. 

  1. Gift yourself a taste of 1920s flapper chic with the dreamy, opaque Lady Moonstone Earrings. These drop pendants, set in gold vermeil, offer a subtle yet mesmerizing flash of rainbow when they catch the light.
  2. You’re following your North Star and journeying solo on the wild ride of life. Swap out that tarnished go-to pendant for the minimalist gold North Star Necklace as a daily reminder of your vision.
  3. Dainty, feminine stacker rings are the trend du jour, and we don’t see them going anywhere. Add some more stacks with the Green Tourmaline Rose Cut Ring.  

 Few Made Lady Moonstone Earrings  Few Made North Star Necklace  Few Made Rings

Fall In Love With Few Made

Few Made was founded with a simple yet powerful mission: to design and craft striking works of jewelry that represent every kind of feminine style, from the elegant and sophisticated Old Hollywood aesthetic to the free-spirited, wild adventurer.

In order to maintain exclusivity, only a few pieces are made in each collection—just as our name suggests. This way, you can be sure your jewelry box sparkles with as much originality as your soul.

Invest in quality and longevity during this sweet, sweet season of love, and carry your heart on your sleeve. Or around your neck. Or on your hands. 

Really, it’s wherever you please. 


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