Our Top 5 Jewelry Trends for Fall 2021

We have to admit - here at the FM HQ, we can't help but to revel in the Zoom-era we find ourselves in. Not because we get to have our fury pets sitting right next to us, but because we and the rest of our Few Made Family have had the best excuse to indulge in a little extra jewelry to show off for that lovely head-to-shoulder camera range!

And we know it's not just us.  The newest jewelry trends that we've been seeing this year have gotten us even more excited to design special and timeless pieces we know you'll love for every mood and moment of life.

While past trends have involved dainty layers, this fall season is going to be all about drama.  We've rounded up the Top 5 Fall Jewelry Trends so that even while you're bundled in chunky sweaters and soft knits, you can still use Few Made pieces to reconnect to your own beauty, inside and out.

1. Reimagined Hoops

The classic hoop earring has been a staple in most women's jewelry collections for the past few seasons, and this coming fall kicks that trend up a notch.  They have a fresh look with reimagined shapes and next-level textures.

Green Amethyst and Gold Bronze Hoop Earrings     Teardrops of Labradorite Hoop Earrings

Amethyst Hoop Earrings    Teardrops of Labradorite Earrings


2.  Thick Chains

Chains continue to reign supreme for the fall and now, they'll be mixed with more than just your fading wardrobe of leisurewear!  You can also expect to see some different Materials and colors entering the classic mix.

 Wide Chain Hoop Earrings 

Wide Chain Hoops          The Boss Bracelet


3. Statement Earrings

Celebrate a big occasion or just life in general with head-turning earrings that are meant for stares.  Fun fringe pieces are making a comeback in this century's version of the roaring '20s and we love it!  Want to take it to the next level?  Try the single earring trend, too.

 Sweep Me Away Earrings Fancy Fringe EarringsMidnight Oil Earrings

Sweep Me Away.              Fringe Earrings                   Midnight Oil Earrings

4. Chunky Golds & Colors

The '80s are back, and that doesn't stop with jewelry!  Striking colors and spirited pops of personality will take over this fall season.  When in doubt, go bold.


The Beach StackThe Atlantic Labradorite Necklace 

The Beach Stack                       The Atlantic

5. Mixed Metals

Your opportunity to mix your modern look with a timeless edge.  Layer yourself with a resurgence of mixed metals-a trend that can apply to and range from polished pendants to glimmering brooches.

 Circle of Trust BraceletIn the Middle Necklace

Circle of Trust                       In the Middle

It's going to be so much fun to show off these trends in the real world this fall and we can't wait to see which other styles become popular.  When trend is your favorite?!  

Comment below and start your fall 2021 shopping now.


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