Our Favorite Graduation Jewelry Gifts for Her

Graduation is a momentous occasion. It signals the end of one chapter and beginning of another. Graduation (of any kind!) marks a transition, the culmination of years of hard work, and time for excitement!

Whether you’re looking to congratulate your daughter, sister, niece, or friend on this momentous occasion, you’re probably looking for something unique. There are plenty of options available besides the traditional gift (a card and money). 

And in a likely time when your grad will be attending parties and receptions all summer long, you can find an item that can complete any outfit and will be treasured forever. 

What makes a good graduation gift?

As for me, there’s certain pieces that I seem to gravitate towards when I’m feeling especially sentimental. When I’m in the feels, I’m usually picking up the more traditional pieces, like pearls, stones, or charms.  Being from the south, my first choice is always my pearls or locket.

Personally, I think one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a graduation gift is how personal you wish to be. The goal is for your gift to hold sentimental value for many years to come — it needs to mean something! 

This doesn't mean that every gift needs an inscription on it; however, there should always be some sort of significance behind each item given as a celebration of this great accomplishment by someone else who wants them to succeed in life with their new degree.

How to choose something personal

We at Few Made Jewelry have put together a list of meaningful and memorable jewelry gifts that are sure to make this special day even better.

Graduation is not the end, but the beginning of something great. It’s the moment you get to embark on your journey as an independent adult. This can be a very exciting time for both you and your graduate. 

To commemorate this occasion, we suggest choosing one or more of these jewelry pieces which will serve as symbols of good luck, achievement, and success in their new life ahead:

However, graduation from school is a celebration of accomplishment, but it's not the only time one can "graduate" in life.

A graduation can also be a celebration of leaving behind a job no longer serving you, or completing a successful stage in your career (like getting a promotion or starting your own company).

It could also be an emotional celebration of graduating from months of grueling cancer treatment. 

And, for some people, the term "graduation" may even refer to major life changes like getting married or having children—something that you look forward to celebrating with family and friends. 

Speaking of celebrating - don’t forget to enjoy the journey, and make more moments! Both of these things I would’ve loved to have done more of but my focus was on the end goal. Once I got to that end place, of course I had a sense of satisfaction and thankfulness.  Oftentimes arriving exhausted but feeling accomplished.

Whatever your reason for celebrating, take the time to choose a handcrafted that’s both meaningful and made with love.

Keep scrolling to view our curated selection of sentimental Few Made pieces perfect to wear on the day or to give as a gift to your graduate
pink beaded bracelet by few made jewelry beaded pearl choker necklace by few made jewerly
dainty gold necklace by few made jewelry blue jeweled pendant necklace by few made jewelry
gold chain hoop earrings by few made jewelry thing oval gold hoop earrings by few made jewelry
small gold huggie earrings by few made jewelry gold and pearl drop earrings by few made jewelry
dainty silver ring with colored stone by few made jewelry chunky grey stone silver ring by few made jewelry
dainty gold beaded ring by few made jewelry dainty silver ring with colored stone by few made jewelry

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