Three Sisters Labradorite Necklace

The three stones of labradorite shimmer in gray’s. A gold faceted chain sparkles when the light hits it reminding me of all the memories, friends and experiences we made along the way.  

One of the things that made my trip to New Zealand so special was having my sisters with me.  Our trip together was life changing as sisters and individually.  We challenged each other, laughed at ourselves and made sure that we experienced everything we could.  My journey with them in life is made sweeter, richer and filled with love and laughter.  Our trip to New Zealand and the memories we made will forever be with us.  We often joke that we will be in our rocking chairs talking about this trip. This necklace is dedicated to my sisters, Anna and Janell, the three sisters.

  • Labradorite pendant is gold over sterling silver
  • Necklace measures approximately 17” with a 2" extension
  • Each stone is unique in color and may vary from the picture
  • Handcrafted

Three Sisters

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