Wedding Guest & Special Occasion Jewelry Guide

Who says you still can't sparkle a little as a wedding guest?  We love any excuse to get dressed up and feel beautiful (outside the home now!) as much as the rest of our beloved Few Made Family.  But when it comes to weddings, it seems that confusion and hesitation hit, particularly about what to wear.

Because of the nature of the event, you of course want to feel elegant and refined, but you also don't want to  overdo it and outshine the happy couple of the night.

Which is why we think the perfect solution is a treasured piece of jewelry that can quickly elevate your look and your confidence.  You'll further inspire a night of conversation and connection by using Few Made pieces to help celebrate an exciting milestone in someone's life.

Below you'll find our Wedding Guest Guide to help you discover elevated pieces to bring together your entire ensemble of the evening.  And when you feel good, you're more likely to be present and enjoy the moments where the wine is flowing, glasses are clinking, and stories are being written as everyone rushes to the dance floor.

 1.  The Bounty Pearl Necklace

 The Bounty


One wedding rule that we can forever get behind is that pearls are always acceptable!  Modernize this classic look with our pearl choker.


2.  Linked Together

 Linked Together   


Maybe we dream of Paris too often (not possible!), but we can't think of anything more perfect than being adorned with a love lock for witnessing a night of romance.

3. Starburst Necklace

 The Starburst Necklace

Like we mentioned in our Fall Jewelry Trends post, polished pendants continue to catch eyes and hearts all over, all without calling out too much attention.


4.  Girl with the Pearl Earrings

 Girl with the Pearl Earring

We love how this short and sweet dangle earring mixes intricate details in the gold with classic pearls for a subtle and modernized style.


5.  Create Your Own Custom Piece

 Custom Pieceds

Create your own piece that's meant for all special occasions.  Contact us for your custom creation.


6.  Green Tourmaline Rose Cut Ring 

 Green Tourmaline Ring

For when you don't need an accessory to make a statement, we love dressing up a look with minimal ring styles that are simple yet sophisticated, and perfect for adding to your stack.

7. Glory CZ Hoop Earrings

 Glory CZ Hoops

Another fall trend we can't resist.  These earrings give the classic hoops a strikingly new twist.  And we can't deny the subtle heart-shaped details for such a celebration.

In need of more inspiration? Shop our jewelry to discover more ways to wear Few Made, and celebrate a night of love in style.

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