The FMJ Coastal Collection x Costa Rica Collaboration

This summer, we wanted to inspire our customers by adding a little bit of fun and sport to the brand so we took FMJ down to the jungle coastlines of Playa Negra, Costa Rica—a surfer’s paradise—to hang ten with the Ladies of Longboarding. 

Meet the Ladies of Longboarding

It goes without saying, the Few Made Woman believes in seeking out adventure but never at the cost of sacrificing her own distinct style. That’s exactly why we chose these four dynamic women to represent the brand by sporting self-selected pieces from our best-selling Coastal Collection

With diverse backgrounds and origins spanning the globe, each woman represents a unique aspect of world culture and exudes distinction, courage, and confidence throughout her personal story. 

And as you'll see in the photographs captured, every piece helps to reveal their inspiring spirits and one-of-a-kind styles, reminding us that adventure can truly be worn on our sleeves. 

Styling gold staples, stacked to perfection

Born and raised in Costa Rica, Eden has been longboarding ever since she was a toddler. At only 19 years young, she fearlessly travels for surf competitions all over the world to prove to herself and other female surfers that girls can ride big waves, too. 

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Featuring beaded beauties and stones that harness power

Serena found herself in Costa Rica during a soul-searching season. Originally from China, she moved to Canada when she was 15 years old. Upon graduating high school, she decided to study fashion but was quickly exposed to the unrealistic (and unfair) expectations within the industry. She ended up in quite a dark place and decided that travel would become her form of therapy. 

Six years ago, she booked her first surf trip to Costa Rica. Having never surfed before, she dove right in and kept coming back for more every chance she could get. After several trips back to the same place, she realized Costa Rica was where she wanted to be. 

Serena went back to Canada one final time, sold everything she owned (including her designer clothes and bags), bought a surfboard, and well… the rest is history. She now spends her days as a full-time surf instructor and encourages other female surfers on a global scale through her online Instagram community

Her token of advice? Always respect the ocean and never stop learning.
With that, your potential is limitless. 

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Colorado Gold Necklace | The Kadie Pearl Earrings | Pink Opal Bracelet

Embracing distinction in every look with bold, statement pieces

Maggie moved to Australia from France when she was 21 years old and started surfing in Byron Bay just over three years ago. She came to Costa Rica for a vacation this past January and instantly fell in love with Playa Negra as well as the surrounding community. 
A free spirit, she chooses to surf simply for the enjoyment of it and she also happens to be a natural creative. When she’s not paddling out, she’s busy making original hand-knit items—a fun hobby that’s turned into a profitable small business. Check out some of her very own “few made” items here!

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Sea Foam Chalcedony Earrings | The Sundial Turquoise Necklace | Heaven Sent Necklace

Highlighting minimalist touches, just enough to catch the eye

A certified local, Marina grew up in the sport of surfing. With parents who fearlessly paddled out themselves, Marina was exposed to the fun of it all at a very early age—five years old, to be exact. Every now and then, you can convince her to join in on a local competition but she prefers to embrace the sport leisurely. 
Marina actually spends the majority of her time at a local surf cafe known as Corazón, where she just so happens to be the head chef and owner. With Peruvian roots and a deep loyalty to Costa Rica, her cafe is known for being a specialty coffee roaster, a local breakfast and lunch spot, and a delicious bakery.

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Gold Bamboo Hoop Earrings | Rocky Shores Blue Opal Necklace | The Traveler Necklace

To Strong, Adventurous Women 

Photographing and sharing bite-sized moments of these courageous women’s stories was a true honor. It goes to show that women who seek adventure are capable of many things—moving across borders, starting businesses, gaining influence, and simply just being who they are called to be.

These ladies reminded us how doing something challenging like riding the waves of the ocean can humble you greatly. Yet it can also mold you into your most confident and capable self—if and when you allow yourself to embrace it. 

As women, we often find ourselves thinking about the opinions of others instead of just living as our authentic selves. These women have learned the art of being wholly confident in who they are. And that's something we can all admire and aspire to be.

“Dress to your body. Not what the standards say.” - Rachel Kershaw, Photographer

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This collaboration is dedicated to all of the women who live to catch the perfect wave and who aren’t afraid to look good while doing so. We hope this fun twist on our best-selling collection reignites your passions and helps you to embrace your one-of-a-kind style.

To the girls that push boundaries.
Own your style, your way. 





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