The Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry for Brides

Someone once said your something new should sparkle? We don’t disagree!

Every bride deserves a seamless wedding day where she feels her most beautiful. And with so many things going on surrounding your big day, choosing the perfect accessories shouldn’t be one of them. 

Luckily, you’ll find solace in our sentimental pieces designed to be treasured like an heirloom - just like the special moments and memories you’ll be creating as you mark your entrance into married life. 

Whatever your bridal style, you can find all the inspiration you need from our curated selection of graceful pieces that’ll have you blooming & blushing on your extra special occasion, and long after.  

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Wedding Jewelry for the Classic Bride

Oftentimes when people hear “classic” they think old fashioned or the opposite of modern – too traditional. But to us, the classic bride is anything but. 

The Few Made classic bride holds a respected grace that will never go out of style. And with our handcrafted pieces, they’re sure to last for looks long past the big day. 

Pearls are the ultimate staple for this bride when she says “I do”. Because of their distinct shapes and sizes, they’re refined and unique enough to compliment a beautiful white gown, while also allowing the diamond engagement ring to take center stage.

The Always a Bride Pearl Necklace would be perfect for a bride with a sweetheart neckline, giving just enough room to accentuate her neck and shoulders.

For brides with a halter gown, our Reach For the Sky Earrings add that perfect touch of something new (and blue!) to any bride’s glowing smile.


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Wedding Jewelry for the Elegant Bride

Your wedding day is a unique opportunity to take your usual, more comfortable style and turn it up a notch. Diamonds and sparkles are the perfect tool to do just that. 

Subtle and delicate sparkle make for the best way to add easy elegance to your bridal look without overpowering the most important diamond on your finger. 

Our Teardrop Pave Sparkle Earrings would be perfect for a strapless statement moment. And our Silver Convertible Bracelet will keep the look centered and clean.

With these modern glam styles, the bolder the better. But keep in mind that you don’t have to wear the same pieces all day long. If you’d rather have your veil be the ultimate ceremony accessory, leave the statement earrings for the party!


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Wedding Jewelry for the Eclectic Bride

The wedding industry is no stranger to bohemian influences. More and more often, brides are turning away from the traditional wedding day, and opting for a destination experience. One filled with the vacation-like feeling that all brides try to emulate on their wedding day.

A bridal look like this is typically more soft, romantic, and ethereal. We offer several boho-inspired Few Made options to choose from when looking to add a chic option to your big day. From oval shapes and florals, we have a style for every bride.

Our Aquamarine & Gold Disk earrings would compliment a beautiful high neck gown, while our All Mine Necklace offers the perfect romantic, eclectic touch to a flowy lace dress.


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Make Few Made Jewelry A Part of Your Special Day

Just like each new love that blossoms, we strive to make our Few Made designs truly one-of-a-kind. That’s why all of our pieces are handcrafted and created in limited quantities.

We want to feature you! Join us on Instagram where we’re diving deep into what ‘Love in the Air’ means to our Few Made Collective. Be sure to keep an eye on our stories where you can share your thoughts.

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