Holiday Gift Guide for the Few Made Woman

A Few Made Woman knows what she wants, but do you?

Buying gifts for friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. I really do agree, it’s better to give than to receive.

Especially when the gifts you’re giving support small businesses and artists!

Instead of guessing this year, get inspired by this Few Made Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s filled with a round up of my favorite gifts to give (and receive)!

The best part?

They’re all from small businesses - just like mine. Each item is crafted with love. There’s nothing better than that!


01. Whorled Beret, Ignatius.

My local milliner and dear friends, Ignatius and Rod, are always creating new designs 
that push beyond the ordinary and truly make a statement.

This is why their chic Whorled Beret is first on my list. The Few Made Woman on your list will love how cozy and comfortable this winter hat is. Yes, it’s warm! It even has ear flaps that can be pulled down during the bitter cold days. I own this beret, myself, and it looks great on everyone.

It’s so warm and fashionable, it’s my go-to winter hat!

Shop now at Ignatius Hats

02. Stars in the Night Necklace, Few Made Jewelry

You can never have too many layering necklaces! This piece adds a little sparkle and contrast to existing necklaces a Few Made Woman might own.

They’re easy to accessorize with any outfit, but has a little extra sparkle to remind you: "It’s possible to feel glamorous every day!"

Shop now at Few Made Jewelry

03. Art Classes, Local Arts Centers

If consumerism is getting to you, or you have someone on your list who already has everything, why not give the gift of education? Learning new things never gets old!

What better gift can there be than to be the reason someone you love explored new ways to be creative! Find a local art center and start thinking outside the (gift) box!

Every time I go to my local creative space, the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, I’m amazed by what they teach me.


04. Teardrop Pave Sparkle Earrings, Few Made Jewelry

These earrings are meant to encourage the Few Made woman to step into her “light” so she can shine. What good is sparkle when you’re hiding in the shadows?

Being who you are is the best way to share your light with the world. Don’t let anyone tell you sparkle is only for special occasions! Push past that mean voice in your head to become who you know you’re meant to be.

Even the strongest women need a reminder to keep on shining! These earrings are a simple, lightweight way to do that every day.

Shop now at Few Made Jewelry

05. Leather Wrapped Military Tumbler, Ashton Keely

We love the military, our country, and those who serve. My husband has served 27 years and I couldn’t be more proud of him!

This high quality, handcrafted and dyed tumbler is a simple way to show your endless support for those in service. Whether or not they personally served, it’s a great gift for the proud military supporters in your life.

Shop now at Ashton Keely on Etsy


06. Leather Hip Pack, Ashton Keely

I’ll admit, I wanted to forget about the fanny pack for decades! Then I met this little “Hip Pack” and I’m totally in love. Your Few Made Woman is going to love this because she gets to have hands-free storage and look good wearing it!

How can you say no to handcrafted leather that goes with anything! It’s so functional and you know the fanny pack is hot right now - and when they look like this, I wouldn’t mind if they stuck around for good!

Shop now at Ashton Keely on Etsy

07. Roses Flight Bracelet, Few Made Jewelry

Help your Few Made Woman keep her dreams close by with this inspiring bracelet from my collection! Strands of moonstone, pearls and chain circle the wrist preparing your dream for flight.

The feather represents where your dreams can take you if you have the courage to leap and trust your wings!

Shop now at Few Made Jewelry


Love these gift ideas?

Share this with a friend or loved one and maybe one of these will be wrapped under the tree with your name on it!



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