A Mother’s Day Message from Our Founder

There’s no doubt in my mind that motherhood is a gift from God. And with it comes many things… authority, responsibility, unconditional love, lifelong “worry,” and a whole lot of unending grace. 

I believe, as a mother, it’s my responsibility to steward my children—to help them discover who God designed them to be. I’m incredibly grateful that my kids have done just that. I am so proud of who they have become and are continuing to become as they use their unique gifts and passions for good.

In our family, there is a deep generational line of strong women. These women are who have shaped me into the woman (and mother) that I am today. 

I was blessed to be raised in close proximity to my great grandmother, grandmother, and mom.

Growing up with each of them was especially influential—they each poured their strength, love, and wisdom into me every day. I heard countless stories of their life experiences… how they survived the Great Depression, World Wars, and overall civil unrest in a culture that didn't yet give women a voice. 

As maternal figures, they each taught me something that I chose to carry into my own role as a mother. I'm so grateful to have learned about life from these women.

Notably, I learned how to face fear and do it anyway.

And this is a lesson that I worked hard to instill in my children. There is beauty in taking a leap of faith (no matter how scared you are) and even failing forward once or twice along the way. 

In doing this, my children learned how to engage their curiosity and not deny themselves of an opportunity because of the temptation to let fear win. 

In fact, it was out of a freeing-fear moment that Few Made started. 

In 2005, I embarked on a trip to New Zealand with my sisters—another group of strong and passionate women. Without their adventurous spirits coaxing me along, I probably never would have boarded the plane, traveled across the world, and leaped from the 2nd highest bungee in the world, cable-car suspended between two mountains, into the ocean.

Certainly, I never would have dreamt of starting my own jewelry business even if it wasn't for this experience. 

It just goes to show that when you face the fear and do it anyway, you learn that there is undeniable beauty on the other side. You learn that you were made for this.  

Today, I get to work alongside my daughter, Chandler, who styles her favorite minimalist pieces with effortless ease. And don’t get me started on my mom who is always blinged out (and does it better than anyone I know). She is always snagging new designs to wear. She says it's quality control. 

Kena's Daughter, Chandler

Jewelry is An Opportunity for Self Expression 

Thanks to my grandmother, I learned from an early age that jewelry was a uniquely feminine form of self-expression that increased self-confidence, encouraged creativity, and illuminated natural beauty. 

From my mother, I learned that finding your own style was important. While she’s all about the sparkle, I prefer a chunky statement necklace. But as I already mentioned, my daughter Chandler prefers small and dainty pieces for everyday wear. I guess it’s the millennial in her but she always looks so put together with her thoughtful, simple pieces. It suits her. 

Kena's Mother

There are many options in the Few Made collection that are reflective of every generation—from my grandmother’s timeless favorites, to my mother’s star-studded style, and my daughter’s soft simplicity.

This Mother’s Day, I hope you’re able to find a piece in our collection that expresses and touches the incredible hearts of the women in your own life. 

Kena’s Mother’s Day Picks

For the mom who’s also your best friend

For the fun, youthful mama

For the one who loves to make a statement

For the lady that brightens every room

For the one with wisdom that’s never-ending

For all mothers, because there’s always a legacy to leave


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