Embark on a timeless adventure.

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, our hearts start to stir with the desire for exploration. The spring and summer months are ideal for sojourning abroad, expanding our cultural knowledge, and making life-long memories. It only makes sense to look fabulous while doing so. When packing for your next dreamy trip, we hope you’ll find yourself bringing one of these European-inspired pieces in your carry-on.

Historical architecture, ancient traditions, colorful streets, romantic restaurants, and the finest wine you’ve ever tasted—that’s the Europe we love. And the Europe that inspired each striking piece in this collection. 

As always, with each piece, there are only a Few Made–

Distinct, darling, and definitely notable.

Old World

For those born in the wrong century.

Step into a tableau right out of a European art museum. We’ve blended the beauty of tradition with the spirit of progress. This colorful, nostalgic collection will transport you back to the ages of old while adventuring in cities brimming with history.

Inspired by the storybook canals of Venice, the colorful streets of Lisbon, and the regal castles of Edinburgh, this collection is invigorated with the style and charm of the past.

So if you’re the girl who did a semester in Rome, you secretly want to be swept off your feet by a handsome Londoner, or you often dream of waking up in a Jane Austen novel, you’ll find something truly captivating in the Old World collection. A tangible representation of the past that you can carry back with you across oceans of space and time.

Moonstruck Minimalism

As consistent as the tides.

A flash of moonlight through a glass window. The dazzling white Aurora. A frozen lake at midnight. The waxing and waning of the moon, and the dramatic cycles that it brings, has inspired poets for centuries—yet it seems we can never run out of things to say.

There is simplicity and elegance to this steadfast and reliable experience. It grounds us, reminding us that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. And it reminds us of how beautiful nature—and ourselves—can truly be.

Each piece in this collection was designed for the minimalist with a winter soul, who is always chasing her own North Star. These are your new favorite structured basics, intended for everyday wear—with a little spark of moonshine that we captured just for you.

Italian Romance

Your secret passport to paradise.

Whether you’re going abroad to celebrate your anniversary, or heading off solo with dreams of being whisked away by a handsome Italian chef, there are few countries as effortlessly romantic as Italy.

To design this collection of laidback luxury, we derived inspiration from everything Italian: sundresses, wide-brimmed hats, patio dinners at dusk, and quiet sidewalk cafés. 

Shop at high-end boutiques in the city, enjoy some midday cocktails, or rent a car to drive through the bright summer fields—whatever is on your itinerary, you’ll move with confidence and look your best with these elevated takes on basic everyday pieces.

From double-shot espressos in the morning to afternoon aperol to limoncello under the stars, these carefully cultivated pieces will appeal to your inner romantic as you soak in the sunshine and delight in all the beauty surrounding you.

Free Spirit

For the nomad with a trail to blaze.

We believe that there is an independent element within all of us.

If you’re a particularly adventurous spirit, setting your arrow in a new direction this spring, you’ll become enamored with these timeless pieces inspired by the call of the open road and the allure of the unknown.

When you aim to live a life centered around freedom and flow, you learn to embrace your own personal style. Hopefully, these pieces can serve as a reflection of your true (and unapologetic) self.

Mediterranean Blues

Serene pieces to ward off the blues.

Ahh—white sand, coastal sunshine, and the smell of salty air. There’s nothing more refreshing for the mind and renewing of the soul than an exotic vacation.

Even if you don’t have a flight booked, you can bring the seaside ambience right to your front door and wear coastal charm with our new collection of gold and bold statement pieces.

We drew inspiration from the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean Sea, most notably its gorgeous shades of striking turquoise. If the winter blues have brought you down, we’ve got the jewelry version of Vitamin D ready for you to add to your stack. Put the sun lamp away and step freely into the warmer, sunnier seasons ahead.